Rain Delay

Friday, August 19th was a weird one. Here's my recap:

  • 2:30pm - I arrive at Kauffman an hour early to cover Bert Blyleven's visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame Tour. Bert is an extremely nice person and it was a pleasure to meet him. Also, you should check out the Hall of Fame Tour if you get a chance.

  • 7:15pm - Royals vs Twins starts with storms looming.

  • 8:40pm(ish) - The game is delayed due to rain/lightning.

  • 11:20pm(ish) - An announcement is made in the press box saying that the game will resume at 11:45.

  • 11:45pm - The game resumes play in the top of the 5th inning. It's still raining.

  • 12:00am - Saturday Happens.

  • 12:17am - Half the lights in Kauffman turn off. Twelve minute delay.

  • 2:15am - Eric Hosmer, after attempting a two-strike bunt, hits a ball into right field in the bottom of the 11th inning. Cheslor Cuthbert scores. Royals win 5-4.

  • 3:00am - I pull out of the stadium parking lot, my fuel light comes on. Minutes later my emergency light comes on notifying me I need to put air in my back right tire.

  • 3:20am - I stop at QuikTrip. Refuel. Air up.

  • 3:30am - Get home. Shower/brush teeth.

  • 3:45am - Bed. I did it.

Thank you to all the photographers, cameramen, police officers, and royals employees for making what should have been a miserable experience, a really fun one.

And thanks Eric Hosmer for ending the game.