In my mind I associate the name Yordano Ventura with fearlessness. At only 25 years old (the same age as me) he had pitched in two World Series, Won a World Series, struck out future Hall of Famers, and threw a 100mph fastball. Yordano was awesome and he was taken too soon. 

When I heard what happened I drove to Kauffman to document what was going on.

It is very clear that Kansas City has a lot of love for Yordano. He was one of my favorite baseball players and I'll miss watching him play very much.

Quick story - I was shooting photos of the players before a game and Yordano threw up the peace sign to me. I took a couple shots of him and moved on. A few minutes later Yordano walked up to me and said (in very good English) "Hey man let me see that picture!" I showed him the photo and he exclaimed "Oooooooh Fantastic, Fantastic man!" He was a cool dude.

RIP Ace. Let's throw fire.