Royals vs Orioles

The baseball season moves fast, and I'm trying to catch up with these photo galleries. Here's my best images from the Baltimore series. My favorite is the Kelvin Hererra celebration shot.

Also, Cookie Monster showed up... So there's that

New York: Day 1

I was recently in New York City and took an absurd amount of photos. These are my favorite images from the first day I was there. If you like New York maybe you'll like these pictures... maybe you won't. Either way, here they are.



In my mind I associate the name Yordano Ventura with fearlessness. At only 25 years old (the same age as me) he had pitched in two World Series, Won a World Series, struck out future Hall of Famers, and threw a 100mph fastball. Yordano was awesome and he was taken too soon. 

When I heard what happened I drove to Kauffman to document what was going on.

It is very clear that Kansas City has a lot of love for Yordano. He was one of my favorite baseball players and I'll miss watching him play very much.

Quick story - I was shooting photos of the players before a game and Yordano threw up the peace sign to me. I took a couple shots of him and moved on. A few minutes later Yordano walked up to me and said (in very good English) "Hey man let me see that picture!" I showed him the photo and he exclaimed "Oooooooh Fantastic, Fantastic man!" He was a cool dude.

RIP Ace. Let's throw fire.